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The so-called 'Put-to-Light' function simplifies the filling of the dispenser through visual signals.

Put-to-Light (or Fill-to-Light) uses the built-in LED lights in the compartments of the Anabox Smart to indicate which compartments need to be filled. The lights activate according to the user's set medication plan and indicate into which compartment medications need to be filled.

Die zu befüllenden Fächer leuchten aufIMG_3082-1Die zu befüllenden Fächer leuchten auf
  • Error reduction:Clear visual cues reduce the risk of medications being sorted incorrectly or compartments being skipped.
  • User-friendliness:Even for users who are less tech-savvy, the intuitive visual support offers easy handling.
  • Time saving:Efficient filling of compartments without repeated checking of the medication plan.
  • Improved safety:Particularly helpful for individuals with limited vision or cognitive impairments, as the visual signals confirm correct filling.

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