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Here you will find support for using the ANABOX smart and the Memo app.

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Here you will find information about the ANABOX smart device.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) summarized to answer some of the most common questions.Continue reading
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App Subscription
All information about the user subscription of ANABOX smartContinue reading
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Here you will find explanations of meanings and translations.Continue reading
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Press review
Some media have already taken notice of us. Here you can find the press articles.Continue reading
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Our partners
A list of our partners in the development of ANABOX smartContinue reading
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About us
About anmed GmbH and wirewire GmbHContinue reading
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Professional care ‍🔬
Deployment in inpatient and outpatient careContinue reading
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Our team is here for you. Questions, error reports, feedback - this is how you can reach us.Continue reading
Fill assistant
Assistant for filling the dispenserContinue reading

Legal aspects

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Cancellation policy
Instruction and Withdrawal FormContinue reading
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Terms and Conditions (T&C)
Our mobile app and web application "Memo"Continue reading
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In case of warranty claims, you can contact us by phone or email.Continue reading
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Privacy and Data Protection Policy
We are trying to explain in an understandable way which tools and hosting solutions we use and why we use them.Continue reading
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Information obligation according to § 5 TMGContinue reading

Technical Information

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Insert drawer
Instructions for inserting the drawerContinue reading
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Information on recycling and the battery lawContinue reading
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User manual
Here you can download the PDF version of the manual.Continue reading


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General usage instructions
General information on admission and useContinue reading
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Cleaning & Disinfection
You can clean the ANABOX smart by hand and partially in the dishwasherContinue reading
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Power supply & battery operation
The ANABOX smart can be charged via USB-C or operated permanently on mains powerContinue reading
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Activation & Setup
Setting up an ANABOX smart in the appContinue reading
LED states
The LED states on the housing of the ANABOX smartContinue reading
The medication dispenser consists of an electronic control unit, a medication compartment, and 28 cups.Continue reading
 – Gestapelte ANABOX smart
To transport the ANABOX® smart safely, slide the provided protective cover on. The cover must be removed to be able to remove the cups.Continue reading
API Documentation
Integrate Memo into your own applications using our API.Continue reading
 – ANABOX smart Anschluss
Buttons and connections
A brief overview of all the buttons and status LEDs on the deviceContinue reading
 – Calendar
Calendar and medication plan
Adjustment of your medication and fillingContinue reading
Alarm settings and alarm signals
The alarm settings of the dispenserContinue reading
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App Download & Web Application
The Memo app is available for Android, iOS, and as a web applicationContinue reading