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Unfortunately, adherence to medication intake is a major challenge for many people. It is estimated that only about 50% of people take their medications as prescribed.

There are many reasons why people do not take their medications as prescribed. Some people forget to take their medications or do not have them with them when they need them. Others do not know how to take them.

A connected smart pill dispenser can help improve medication adherence in various ways. First, it can remind people to take their medications. Second, it can provide information on the correct way to take the medications. And third, it can help people keep track of their medications and know when to refill them.

Smart pill dispensers can also assist caregivers and nurses in managing medications for their patients. The dispensers can be programmed to dispense the right medications at the right time. They can also provide information about a patient's medication history and help identify potential adherence issues.

Overall, smart pill dispensers can be a valuable tool for improving medication adherence. They can help people take their medications as prescribed and avoid the potentially serious consequences of non-adherence.