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ANABOX smart
 – Fill-to-light im Medikamentenspender
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
Put-to-Light (or Fill-to-Light) uses the built-in LED lights in the compartments of the Anabox Smart to indicate which compartments need to be filled. The lights activate according to the user's set medication schedule and indicate into which compartment medications need to be filled.Read article
 – Verblisterung
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
Sustainability in the blister packaging of medications
A major disadvantage of traditional blister packaging is the packaging waste problem. Each medication dose is individually packaged, leading to a significant consumption of packaging material and a high volume of packaging waste.Read article
 – Arab Health in Dubai
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
Arab Health 2024 in Dubai
At Arab Health, we were able to introduce the ANABOX smart as support for medication dispensing to a global audience.Read article
 – Detailfoto der Platine mit Anschlüssen
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
The technology behind ANABOX smart
The technology behind the ANABOX smart. Learn more about NB-IoT and LTE-M.Read article
 – Frau Schmidt mit Medikamentenspender
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
10 ways to improve adherence
Here are 10 tips and strategies to make medication intake easier and improve adherence.Read article
 – Geschwister Streit
Konrad Meier
Konrad Maler
When caregiving strains the relationship between siblings
About the challenges and emotional conflicts that can arise when siblings take care of their sick parents. Points of conflict such as the distribution of responsibilities, decisions about living situations, medical decisions, and handling of finances can lead to deep rifts in the relationship.Read article
Robert Gühne
Robert Gühne
The importance of medication adherence in the treatment of chronic diseases
Living with a chronic illness or caring for an affected person can be challenging. However, with appropriate treatment, those affected can continue to lead a fulfilling life. A crucial aspect in the treatment of chronic diseases is medication adherence.Read article
Daniel Böber
Daniel Böber
Intelligent medication dispensers: A new approach in medication management
The introduction of smart medication dispensers represents a significant advancement in medication management. This is particularly relevant for elderly individuals and people with chronic conditions, where precise and consistent medication intake is essential.Read article
Daniel Böber
Daniel Böber
Through everyday life with Crohn's disease and the ANABOX smart
Medication intake as a Crohn's disease patient - Learn how the ANABOX smart has changed the life of Daniel B., a Crohn's disease patient, and how it supports him in medication.Read article