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Calendar and medication plan

Adjustment of your medication and filling

The calendar manages all medications and simultaneously displays the intake on the device. Medications can be added to each day by clicking on the respective day and the 'New intake' button. Various settings for the medication can now be made. It is possible to create a recurring (e.g. daily) medication here. The medication search field accesses a database to facilitate the description of the correct active ingredient.

After saving, you can see the intakes for the current day and the future in the calendar. Each compartment can be assigned an individual time. Each day can be edited individually. It is also possible to skip certain intakes for recurring medications.

The intake times automatically synchronize with the device based on your medication plan. The device alarm will be activated according to the medication plan, depending on the settings (Device settings)

If you have multiple users and devices, you can select them in the calendar view and create individual medication for each user.

To fill the dispenser, you can also use the filling assistant (See assistant).