ANABOX smart

The smart medication dispenser

Anabox Smart

The ANABOX® smart makes it easier for your parents or relatives to take their medication in the right amount and at the right time.

Thanks to visual and acoustic warnings, they will be reminded to take their medication. You will also be notified in the app if your loved ones forget to take their medication and can take action.

Memo Medikamentenspender

29 € / month

Device included in the price

The ANABOX® smart works with a subscription model for €29 per month.

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  • Subscription can be paused at any time
  • Monthly cancellable
  • No minimum term
  • No hidden costs
  • 14 days return policy
Bild einer blinkenden Medikamentenbox bei der Entnahme

Remind your older relatives

The smart medication box reminds with an alarm sound and lights of the timely intake.

Informs you about incorrect revenues

Keeps you informed in real time whether the medication has been taken. You can then react immediately in case of incorrect intake or missed doses.

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Just remember.

Der Memo MedikamentenspenderDer Memo Medikamentenspender blinkt
4 x 7 dispenser
Sensors register every withdrawal
Also for liquids
Upper shell easily replaceable
Environmentally friendly, as all components are reusable
The cup flashes at the time of intake
Dispensers can be removed individually


IoT connectivity

The integrated radio connection works without internet, Bluetooth, or an extra SIM card right out of the box.

This is how the setup works

What is NB-IoT?

Ecologically sustainable

The reusable cups made of high-quality materials are dishwasher safe.


Adapted to the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities - one cup is available per intake.

Alarm & Revenue Display

At the time of intake, the device emits an alarm sound and the corresponding cup lights up.

Liquids possible

Thanks to air- and watertight cups, consuming liquids is also not a problem!

Phone Setup


Just tap once to pair your ANABOX smart. Enter a name for the patient, create a medication schedule, and you're good to go. Want other relatives and caregivers to receive notifications too? No problem.

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An app for medication management

The connection to the ANABOX smart

Phone screenshot
Screen of the phone
Shadow of the main screen

Personal income plan

Phone screenshot
Screen of the phone
Shadow of the main screen

Drug database

Phone screenshot
Screen of the phone
Shadow of the main screen

Real-time notifications

Phone screenshot
Screen of the phone
Shadow of the main screen

Filling aid

Phone screenshot
Screen of the phone
Shadow of the main screen

Manage devices

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  • Available in every local pharmacy or by mail order
  • Developed in Leipzig and manufactured in Crottendorf (Erzgebirge)
  • Medical device Class I (according to MDR)
  • You are also welcome to contact us.

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