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- Trade name: ANABOX® smart - Smart medication dispenser for relief or compensation of injuries or disabilities.

The ANABOX® smart is an intelligent medication dispenser that supports people with cognitive or physical disabilities. It can securely store and sort tablets and liquid medications. It reminds users or their relatives of the correct intake through acoustic and visual signals. The reminders and confirmations are sent via an app that works with Narrowband-IoT (no Bluetooth/Wi-Fi required). Audible signals and Braille enable visually impaired people to use it as well. The ANABOX® smart improves user compliance by simplifying medication intake and avoiding potential mix-ups.
Users: People with disabilities and/or limited mobility as well as their relatives, caregivers, pharmacy and/or hospital staff.

Expected Clinical Benefit

This medication dispenser with real-time connection via app is a high-quality device for home use and/or professional use.

The medication dispenser reminds the patient through acoustic and visual signals to take the medication on time. The connected app sends a reminder or confirmation of medication intake to the nursing staff, family members, or the user themselves (via Narrowband IoT - no Bluetooth/Wi-Fi required).

Das Medikamentenfach
Die elektronische Steuereinheit
Rückseite & Code

Mains operation: The ANABOX® smart can be permanently operated on the mains. To do this, connect the power supply to the device using the charging cable (11) and plug it into the mains.

Battery operation: The device has a built-in battery, which is charged using the supplied power supply. To charge the battery, the device must be connected to the mains as described above.

If the battery is low, the status LED (6)  will flash red. With a fully charged battery, you can operate the device for approximately 4-6 weeks without the power supply. Once the device is fully charged, the
charging LED (10) next to the USB port (11) will light up continuously. You can now disconnect the ANABOX® smart from the power supply. The battery level can be viewed in the app at any time. A notification will be sent via the app when the battery level is critical.

Accessories: The device comes with a power supply and a USB-C cable (9). Only use the supplied original accessories for mains operation or charging. Any modification to the power supply is life-threatening. The use of other power supplies can cause interference with the device and other devices.

Download the app: Scan the QR code to install the app on your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also download the app via or find it directly in the app or play store by searching for "memo wirewire".

The app is used to set up the device. You will need a paid subscription for this. You can find information about this at

The app informs and documents the cup removal for you.
Via you can also operate and use the ANABOX® smart via a browser on your computer (without a smartphone).

If you no longer need the app, you can still use the drawer and cups without the electronic reminder function.

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Neuer Account

Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to sign in or create a user account. Tap on New Account if you are using the app for the first time. The app will guide you through the registration process and activation of your subscription. Your personal user account enables secure access to your ANABOX® smart.

After creating the user account, our app will guide you through the process of setting up your ANABOX® smart for the first time.

Now you can directly connect the ANABOX® smart with your smartphone/computer.

Enter the patient's name in the initial setup wizard. Then you will be prompted to connect a device.

To do this, scan the 2D code (5) on the back of the device with your smartphone or computer's webcam, or manually enter the serial number (starting with "nrf-").

To establish the connection, press and hold the function button (8) for two seconds. If you see an LED animation (the cups light up one after the other), press Next.

Your smartphone/computer will now connect to the ANABOX® smart and activate it. After a few seconds, you should see a success message. You will now be shown a calendar view with a medication plan.

Funktionen der App

Medication Management: The app allows users to easily and clearly record their medications, dosages, intake times, and instructions. They can also add notes and warnings for specific medications.

Reminders and Alarms:The app provides customizable notifications and alarms to remind users to take their medications on time. These can be in the form of push notifications or emails.

Intake Tracking:The ANABOX® smart logs the intake, allowing you to monitor compliance and react quickly to any issues.
and react quickly to any issues.

Groups:You can invite your family to access multiple patients and devices. This allows you to keep an overview together.

You can access the medication plan by clicking on the Overview button, and then clicking on either the New Intake Time + button or the Intake + button.

A new input mask will appear. You can search for the desired medication using the search field. If you cannot find the medication, you can also create it yourself (see section 'Creating Your Own Medications').

Once you have selected the medication, return to the input mask by clicking the Apply button. There, you can now complete the information about the intake time.

By clicking on Create Intake, you will return to the calendar view. You should now see colored dots on the days and time periods that you have set for the medication. In the browser view on the computer, the medications will be displayed in writing.

If you do not find a match when entering the medication, a button labeled Add as Custom Medication will be displayed.

Clicking on this button will add the previously entered medication directly below the search bar.

Now, when you click on Edit, you can enter additional information such as manufacturer, active ingredients, dosage form, and color for the medication. Clicking on Update Medication will save the information. The medication will appear in the medication selection.

1. Open the Container

Place the ANABOX® smart in front of you and open all containers. The containers are easiest to open when starting with the top row (morning). Work your way through row by row. The containers can be opened in the drawer without having to remove them separately.

2. Filling Aid

The app guides you step by step through the filling process and visualizes how to fill the medication.

You start the filling aid by clicking on the button next to Intake +. Now select the week for which the filling should be done and click on Next.

It is best to sort the medications into the containers one after the other.

To fill, select the first medication in the app. In the view, you will now see the quantity, the days, and the times of day when the medication should be taken. At the same time, the corresponding containers of your ANABOX® smart will light up, indicating which ones to fill with the medication.

Once you have finished with a medication, you can jump to the next medication using Filled. When the filling is complete, select Complete Filling.

Your personal data is stored and processed securely and in compliance with GDPR. The login and data transfer from our app to ANABOX® smart are encrypted.

You can access our privacy policy and an information portal on the topic at the following address:

You can completely remove the drawer to replace it with a new one filled with medication. Additional drawers can be purchased as accessories for the ANABOX® smart.

Medikamentenfach tauschen

The sensors detect the removal of the cups through the transparent surface.

Caution: any obstacles between the sensors and the drawer can interfere with or block the detection! Damage, scratches, or contamination of the transparent surface can impair the proper functioning of the device. Therefore, the surface should be handled carefully and regularly checked for any abnormalities.

Medikamentenfach tauschen

At the time of intake, the ANABOX® smart signals an upcoming medication intake. The cup to be taken flashes green. Additionally, you can configure an acoustic notification in the app.

Retrieve the cup and open the lid to take the medication. Use the ergonomically shaped part of the cup rim provided for this purpose (slight tilt). The cup should then be placed back into the drawer.

Entnahme der Medikamente

In case of a malfunction, the ANABOX® smart can be restarted. To do this, the reset button (accessible with a pointed object in the reset opening (12)) must be pressed and released for one second. The ANABOX® smart then signals the restart by blinking the status LED (6) and beeping. The device will be operational again after 2 minutes.


For cleaning the drawer (3) and the cup (1), remove these components. Open the lids of the cups. Rinse them with lukewarm water and a mild dishwashing detergent approved for cleaning dishes. Alternatively, you can clean the cups with the lid open (including the drawer) in the dishwasher at a regular temperature of maximum 50°C. Ensure that the cups have been adequately dried before restocking. The use of common disinfectants, such as Sterillium Virugard or Isopropanol 70%, is also possible.

After cleaning and disinfection, ensure that the cups are adequately dried and ventilated before restocking with medications. Furthermore, we recommend cleaning the ANABOX® smart before each restocking with medications. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your device.

Ensure that the electronic control unit is always free from dust and other contaminants.

Elektronische Steuereinheit

The ANABOX® smart provides the following information via the charging LED (10) next to the USB-C port (11) and via the status LED (6) on the front of the device

Blinks every three seconds or stays on continuously: The charging LED blinks when the device is connected to the power grid and is charging. If the device is fully charged and connected to the power grid, the LED stays on continuously.

  • Blinks continuously in red: The battery level of your device is critical. Charge the device using the supplied power adapter.
  • Blinks every three seconds in white: Your device is rebooting. The LED should turn off in 2 minutes, and your device should be available again.
  • Stays on continuously in green: As long as the function button (8) is pressed, the status LED stays green.

If you are experiencing technical problems, try the following solutions:

Device does not respond (battery may not be charged):Check if the device is charged. If in doubt, connect the charger to the device and plug it into the power outlet.

Device does not respond even when connected to the power outlet:Perform a restart of the device. Press the reset button (7) briefly with a pointed object. For more information, refer to the “Reset Button” chapter.

Device still does not respond despite trying the previous solutions:If your device cannot be put back into operation mode by charging or resetting, please contact our support.

For further assistance, please visit:

To transport the ANABOX® smart safely, slide the designated protective cover (2) over it. The cover must be removed to use the device properly.

If the electronic control unit, the USB-C cable, or the power supply get wet, disconnect the device from the power source. Make sure your hands are not wet or getting wet. Then wait until the device, cable, and power supply are completely dry before using the device again. Do not dry the device, USB cable, or power supply with an external heat source, such as a microwave, hair dryer, toaster, or hot air blower. Do not use the device, USB cable, or power supply if you suspect they may be damaged.

Only use accessories supplied with the device to power the device. To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not touch the device or connected cables during a thunderstorm.


  • Verwendete Kunststoffe:  PC, PP, ABS bzw. PS
  • Größe (B*H*T): 35cm * 6,8cm * 20cm 
  • Becher: 18 ml Füllvermögen
  • Elektrische Leistung: 5V Gleichstrom, 1A
  • Temperaturbereich: 5-35 °C
  • WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE 55697612
  • Batt-Reg.-Nr.: DE 79791288
  • Eingangsspannung: 230V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Ausgangsspannung: 5V DC (USB-C)
  • Leistung: < 10W

Die ANABOX® smart sollte nicht neben/ auf anderer (medizinischer) Ausrüstung betrieben werden. Wenn sich eine Anordnung der ANABOX® smart in unmittelbarer Nähe zu medizinischen Messgeräten nicht vermeiden lässt, muss der Anwender dieser Messgeräte darauf hingewiesen werden, dass eine Beobachtung der Geräteergebnisse notwendig ist, um den bestimmungsgemäßen Gerätegebrauch in der gewählten Anordnung zu überprüfen.

Elektronische Geräte sind empfindlich gegen elektrische Entladung und gegen hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder. Achtung: Um Störungen des Gerätes durch HF-Störgrößen (z.B. Mikrowellen, Radios, Fernsehgeräte, Verstärker, usw.) zu vermeiden, sollte das Gerät einen Mindestabstand von einem Meter zu tragbaren und mobilen HF-Telekommunikationsgeräten haben. Sollten Störungen auftreten, so muss der Nutzer den Abstand entspechend vergrößern und sicherstellen, dass alle Geräte ortnungsgemäß funktionieren.

In manchen Gebieten ist die Entsorgung elektronischer Geräte reguliert. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihr Gerät gemäß den Gesetzen und Bestimmungen vor Ort entsorgt oder recycelt wird.

Weitere Informationen zum Thema finden Sie unter folgender URL:

Genaue technische Informationen bezüglicher der verwendeten Drahtlosverbindungen sowie der eingehaltenen EMV Standards finden Sie unter folgender URL:

In manchen Gebieten ist die Batterieentsorgung reguliert. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Batterie Ihres Gerätes gemäß den Gesetzen und Bestimmungen vor Ort entsorgt oder recycelt wird. Weitere Informationen zum Thema finden Sie unter folgender URL:

Stapeln Sie das Gerät nicht wärend des Betriebes. Stellen Sie das Gerät nicht in die unmittelbare Nähe anderer sensibler elektronischer Geräte oder Medizingeräte bzw. Medizinsysteme. Der Abstand muss stets mindestens einen Meter betragen. Das Gerät kann am öffentlichen Stromnetz betrieben werden und erfüllt die Anforderungen nach IEC 61000-3-2 (Harmonische Verzerrung) und IEC 61000-3-3 (Spannungsschwankungen und Flicker).

Sollten bei der Anwendung des Produktes schwerwiegende Vorfälle auftreten, melden Sie dies bitte an anmed GmbH (Kontakt siehe Angabe auf dem Rückumschlag der Gebrauchsanleitung).

Ebenfalls können Sie den Vorfall melden bei: Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte, Abt. Pharmakovigilanz, Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee 3, 53175 Bonn, Deutschland,

Vorkommnisse sind schwerwiegend, wenn sie direkt oder indirekt

  • a) den Tod einer Person,
  • b) eine vorübergehend oder dauerhaft schwerwiegende Verschlechterung des Gesundheitszustands einer Person oder
  • c) eine schwerwiegende Gefahr für die öffentliche Gesundheit zur Folge hatte, hätte haben können oder haben könnte.

Bei sonstigen Fragen zum Produkt oder für technische Unterstützung wenden Sie sich bitte an bzw. nutzen Sie die Produktwebsite

Keep the ANABOX® smart out of reach of children! Please observe the cleaning instructions.

Impacts, vibrations, and shocks must be avoided at all times.

Please consider any special storage conditions for medications, such as light and temperature sensitivity as stated in the package insert. If in doubt, please consult your pharmacist or the manufacturer of the medication.

We do not assume any liability for improper use of the ANABOX® smart or improper intake of medications.

Contraindication: The use of the ANABOX® smart by children or individuals with mild intellectual disabilities should be done under expert supervision. Keep the ANABOX® smart out of reach of children! The product is not suitable for use by deaf-blind patients or individuals with severely limited intellectual or motor abilities.

Maintenance Instructions: Before first use, wash/rinse the individual cups!

Please observe the cleaning instructions. Impacts, vibrations, and shocks must be avoided at all times. The lifespan of the device is extended through careful handling and regular cleaning and function checks.

The production date can be found on the back side.

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